This weeks Band of the week:
  • Vulture(Germany)-
  • 12.07.2012


    "FINALLY - we have our own webpage, Arjan and me. A "REAL" or "TRVE" (haha) blog at last.

    This is FENRIZ from Darkthrone, and as you can even see on wikipedia - I've been an open minded music freak since i was born in 1971, already in 1973-1974 getting my hands on a lot of good music from the 60s and early 70s. And I'm talking about some of the heavier stuff. So this blog will be about the heavier sounding music in life.

    What is BAND OF THE WEEK, why did i start it? Well, on the massive DARKTHRONE MYSPACE PAGE I had been posting alot about music, not a lot about DARKTHRONE. Having a myspace just to promote my own band just isn't my style. Instead I left top lists of what i was currently listening to every month, from what I had been getting over my doorstep so to speek. Each year I go through 350-500 releases, whether it's a single, double album, demo or dj mix - you name it. Every day I listen to atleast 10 hours of music, so there is a lot of experience behind my choices for the acts I give the BAND OF THE WEEK honour.

    It all started in late 2009 as a combination of getting a good bunch of weekly free music myself in the form of dj mixes from the Resident Advisor page and the discovery of one massively great new band - so great that I felt I had to do something special with it - and so the idea of posting a BAND OF THE WEEK to all the friends that had signed up on the DARKTHRONE MYSPACE PAGE - at that time around 56 000 people, and by now (as myspace is slowly dying, it seems) around 70 000 people. There has also been RIPPLE-EFFECTS of this BAND OF THE WEEK movement, a german crew wants to release a line of limited edition VINYLS from some of the band of the week bands a la PEEL SESSIONS, perhaps. Those who live will see. But then there is Mark Lewis, who humbly asked if he could make a FESTIVAL in ENGLAND with selected BAND OF THE WEEK bands. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, became reality AND a success in October 2010 in London. Even a sampler vinyl was printed in 500 copies, obviously a collecters item to be.


    Finally, a LOT of the bands have gotten interest from a string of labels and magazines because of their great music and the mention here as BAND OF THE WEEK, the last band to "make it" was Lee Dorrian of RISE ABOVE records that heard GHOST here a year ago and ended up signing them.

    More and more MUSIC FREAKS started to check out these BAND OF THE WEEK posts, and with the help of Arjan it also became and own myspace page and then on Facebook, as most people are active there (not me though, I am not on facebook and any profiles there that match my name are false/IMPOSTORS) -
    AND NOW FINALLY as an own web page/blog.

    Just add this page to favourites and keep checking in every week for another band presented. The music so far has mainly been in the metal/punk genres, always with organic sound, and anything that sounds like anything modern (click drums, pro tools, compressed soundscape) will be, AS ALWAYS, avoided like the plague. There are always some acts that still sound good with a bit of the modern studio sound, the first WOLF album from 2000 (Swe) quickly comes to mind here :D

    Finally, most of the bands I present here are playing rather archaic styles of music, but there will always be some exceptions - nothing in life is 100%. And if you are searching for instant gratification and want to leave simple mindless commentaries, you might as well go to a FORUM of sorts - THIS PAGE IS RUN BY MUSIC FREAKS - FOR music freaks.

    MUSIC IS THE ONLY THING IN LIFE THAT NEVER DISSAPPOINTS - an old album you love from your youth will always be your companion and friend. Buy vinyls and PAY TO DIE!!!"

    - f e n r i z, MARCH 2011